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Training games have changed how my pup’s brain works, and to start with, Bodie was a very bouncy, excitable rescue pup. We got him from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home last summer. He was a rather shy lad with us, because we were strangers, and lacked a lot of early training.

He’s a Collie Lurcher X (we think!) and, at eight months old, had been in and out of Battersea twice. He’d try and jump up at everyone he’d meet. Paws up on the kitchen worktop and barking at everything that flapped and flew in the garden. Wanting to play wrestle with every dog in the park and pulling on the lead to get at each exciting new smell on the footpath. Basically he was a 21 kilo handful! And nine months later we’re well on the way to a calm and happy dog. All of this has come from playing easy training games with him, using the ‘Netflix for dogs’.

Netflix for dogs

As a Pro Dog Trainer, I use the Absolute Dogs Training Academy every day. They are the company that I do all of my training with, and the Training Academy is like Netflix for dogs! There’s over 200 games to play and new games are being developed and added each week. They are at the forefront of modern dog training. That’s how I train Bodie, as well as putting together lesson plans for my clients.

How does it work?

It’s a really exciting time. The doors to the Absolute Dogs Training Academy are about to open and I am giving you a heads up! The Training Academy is so easy to use:

  1. Search by the kind of struggle you’ve got, for instance ‘my dog lunges and barks at other dogs’. Or, in Bodie’s case ‘my dog gets over excited and jumps up at people’!
  2. It brings up all the games that will help you.
  3. Pick one you think sounds fun, click on it, follow the short step-by-step video and start playing!
  4. Then you’re signposted to similar games that will also help, if you want more.
    Each game is designed to be easy to play, fun and to give you really quick results.

I am genuinely excited that the Training Academy doors are open. I think of the Training Academy (TA) as an amazing way for you to keep a positive fire in your belly! For anyone that is trying to ‘home school’ their dogs, this gives you the opportunity to keep some momentum going in your dog training.

The library of games is huge, but so that you are not overwhelmed, I can tailor your home schooling and suggest games and resources to focus your learning on to get real life results, fast.

Join Today!

What you get?

  1. A new game released each week into the brand new online platform.
  2. Weekly #10in10 – ask your questions LIVE to Absolute Dogs Founders – Tom and Lauren.
  3. Hot Topic Bonuses – Webinar recordings, Mini courses and e-Books.
  4. A special, positive online Facebook community… A safe space for dog owners in the Training Academy.
  5. Plus I provide support for any specific struggles in my Facebook group – Pup Talk.

It’s £30/month, and there’s no lock-in period. So you are free to come in, binge watch for a couple of months and come out again if you need to or don’t feel it’s right for you. If you’re like me, your earnings are down at the moment, but I’m not spending as much because I’m not going out. I think £1/day is so worth the value that I get to help me be my dog’s best owner/trainer.

The TA doors only open a couple of times a year and the doors are open now until the 26th April. This truly is an exciting time and one that I want to share with you. We are in this, with our pups, together! Time to sit back and watch the Netflix for dogs – one short game at a time.
Look for the purple box under the video to join.

Hopefully see you on the inside!

P.S. If you’ve got any questions at all about the Training Academy, just drop me a message. We can jump on a video call and I can answer questions and/or give you a sneak peek of what it looks like on the inside.

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Niki French and her rescue pup Bodie by lake
Battersea Cats and Dog Home rescue pup Bodie – living his best life!

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